Core Competence

Ever since the foundation of CGZ in 1982 we advise entrepreneurs successfully in Acquisitions and Divestments and for the Financing of Transactions. The professional M&A experience of our team in combination with our more than 30 years of experience in strategy consulting and with our international network is the ideal prerequisite for successful transactions:

  • Divestments

  • Acquisitions

  • Succession, MBO / MBI

  • Cooperations and Joint Ventures


We support our clients in the careful preparation of the transaction, in the development of the divestment strategy and the profile of the ideal buyer, in the preparation of the confidential Offering Memorandum and for the Research work on potential buyers. We contact potential buyers in neutral form directly or through our international partners. In general, we support the contract negotiations based on a fiduciary assignment with our clients until completion of the transaction, Signing and Closing.

Key Benefits: Speed of approach, reduction of risks. Support in all steps of the transaction, particularly in price negotiations.


In general we support our customers already in the development of the strategic concept of the acquisition and check the "strategic fit" for targets identified. We advise according to specific needs and we assist our clients in all phases of the Acquisition process, for Due Diligence and up to completion of the transaction. Thanks to our many years of professional management expertise, we can assist our clients also in the post-merger integration of the acquired company.

Key Benefits: Reduction of risks. Prior to the signing of the Transaction, Post Merger- Integration, synergies and benefits as well as risks of the acquisition are carefully checked.

Succession planning, MBIs and MBOs

During the next few years, many owners of SME companies are faced with the great challenge of managing their succession. Thereby the entrepreneur often is conflicted between his family, his property and the businesses. The marketability of the company and the attractiveness for an MBI or MBO are highly dependent on the performance of the company.

Our experienced Senior Partners support our clients in preparing the Succession Plan, in the search of a successor as well as in all phases of MBIs and MBOs.

Key Benefits: Respecting the specific situation of SME companies. Advice and continued support of the entrepreneur prior to the transaction, in the development of the succession strategy, taking into account all aspects of the business as well as the family situation of the entrepreneur.

Cooperations and Joint Ventures

In the globalized market, Cooperations and Joint Ventures are often a first and usually relatively low investment step to enter new georaphic markets and develop new market segments. During the last 30 years we have developed and supported a variety of partnerships and international Joint Ventures in close cooperation with the Top Management of our clients.

Key Benefits: Often as starting structure for business development. Can be implemented rapidly. Comparatively low investment. Problems can arise when trying to pay out the partner company and take over full ownership and control.