Core Competence

Ever since the foundation of CGZ more than 30 years ago, we are identifying candidates for demanding leadership positions in Switzerland. Only through true leaders, corporate development, market development, product development and improvement of Efficiency become reality. One of the most challenging task of the entrepreneur is to hire top candidates for key positions with proven experience and capabilities. Most important resource for the company's success are the leaders in key positions:

  • We advise
    our clients in the development of their human resources and HR systems
  • We are identifying
    Top Executives, Board Members, Managers and Professionals
  • We assess
    through expert interviews and professional assessment techniques
  • We are coaching
    Executives and Specialists at all levels

Direct search of Top Executives and Members of the Board of Directors

To find top leadership candidates for your company, we offer our longstanding experience in Search and Selection as well as our in- depth knowhow in selected industry verticals, the precise knowledge of your specific needs and the many years of our experience in the assessment of candidates. We offer the global information network of our Senior Consultants and International Associate Partners as well as state of the art Internet-based Research Methods. We work in all phases of the search as your fiduciary partner up to the final selection of the successful candidate for the position.

Jointly with our client, we develop the requirements of the position and the profile of the ideal candidate. We perform the direct search with the highest level of secrecy, based on our research work. We carry out the screening of the candidates and the pre-selection of potential candidates. We only propose qualified candidates with strong interest in the target position.

The final selection of the successful candidate is performed jointly with our client.

Search and selection of executives and specialists

We are searching managers and professionals based on exclusive assignments, offering our many years of experience, our in- depth knowhow of the Swiss business community as well as state of the art search platforms or occasionally publication in selected Online and Print Media . We carry out the selection and propose candidates concurring with the profile. We assist the successful candidate up to the signing of the employment contract.

Advice on HR policies and HR systems

Based on our experience in the field of Human Resources management we support our clients in all aspects of HR management as well as in the areas of HR policies and HR systems. We assess executives and management staff through expert interviews and state of the art assessments.

Support in corporate restructuring and reduction of workforce

We support our clients in the preparation and implementation of corporate restructuring initiatives associated with significant reduction of headcount and negotiations with social partners and relevant government authorities.

Individual coaching of executives

We advise and support executives through individual coaching for reorientation, in the context of corporate restructuring and in specific corporate turnaround situations.

CGZ OnTime ® , temporary management

Experienced managers and specialists from our team of professionals are available for specific temporary management assignments. They can be made available on short notice for the following positions:

  • CEO, Managing Director or their Deputy
  • Departmental or Division Head or their Deputy
  • Program Manager, Project and Subproject Manager
  • Manager on time in the context of corporate succession plans