Our core competence

By combining our many years of professional experience in business development, both in the strategic area as well as in operations and implementation, we actively support the strategic realignment of the company as well as the improvement of operational results. We focus on selected industry verticals where we can offer an optimum of experience and quality of services to our customers in all aspects of corporate development.

CGZ Development

Strategic Business Development aiming at developing the strategic success position of the company and improving the long-term sustainable corporate profitability.

CGZ Excellence

Improvement of overall efficiency, targeting cost improvements, reduction of non conformance cost, quality improvements and compliance with regulatory, thus increasing the company’s short and medium term profitability.

CGZ Implementation

Coaching and supporting the change process and the management of improvements, aiming at accelerating implementation and focusing on bottom line results.

We support and assist our customers in the development of exceptional solutions for the company's strategy. Impact on the market, cost efficiency and speed of implementation are crucial for corporate startegic success.

The emphasis of our experience lies in the review and the realignment of innovative value-added concepts and the overall strategy for the development of market performance, sales organization and customer orientation / customer loyalty of the company.

SRE Strategy ReEngineering

Not only the cost-effective reduction of operational lead times in supply chain and production, but also the reduction of the strategic timeframe for the development of products and for the introduction in geographic markets and market segments is crucial for the company's success in an increasingly deregulated market.

Key features of CGZ SRE Strategy ReEngineering approach:

  • Establishment of a market intelligence culture and structure
  • Combination of strategic, operational and implementation-oriented aspects, pragmatic assessment of feasibility, risks and potential success of the overall strategy and the sub-strategies
  • Involvement of the Management in the process of assessment and strategy development. Development of organizational learning and a culture of vital communication
  • Promotion of Cultural Change in all phases of strategy development and strategy implementation

CRM Customer Relationship Management

In increasingly deregulated markets and reinforced by the possibilities of Internet-based communication, cloud computing, IoT Internet of Things and virtual organizations, it is important to know the customers, to differentiate products and services of the company, to reach the customers, to strengthen customer loyalty and to improve and communicate the brand promise.

Key features of CGZ CRM approach:

  • Improving Customer loyalty by providing superior products and services focusing on the needs of the clients at competitive price
  • Strengthening competitiveness by offering unique selling propositions and clear differentiation from competitors, particularly by faster, simpler, customer access to the company and all its services
  • Expanding into new georaphic markets and market segments by improving the "Market and Business Intelligence", thereby using new technologies
  • Shortening "time to market" through faster adaptation to market needs under rapidly changing market conditions
  • Improving productivity by reducing the cost per transaction and by continuously improving the quality of customer contact and internal interactions

With CGZ Excellence approach, we further develop the structures and processes of the company along the vlue chain with the objective of improved quality of products and services and thus improved operating result. Our methodological approach complies with the principles of the EFQM approach.

CGZ Excellence Initiative

Developed over more than 20 years, CGZ Excellence Initative supports the creation of a teambuilding and learning culture with a continuous improvement process. Crucial for operational excellence is the clarification of competence and responsibility in the optimized business process along the value chain, the provision of tools and the training of all staff according to CGZ TTTT approach: "Tasks, Tools, Training, Teamwork".

Error cost rise in many businesses to the same order of magnitude as annual profit. However, not only reduction of error cost and increase of efficiency, but also increase of quality and timeliness of products and services is the overall objective of CGZ Excellence Initiative. Customers expect the performance of the company “First Time Right” and "On Time In Full". Compliance with these requirements is the only way the company can reduce error cost and survive in the competitive environment in the long run. The goal is always to optimize cost, quality and schedule, and subsequently increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Interestingly enough, according to our learnings the improvement of profit is in line with the increase in customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Key features of CGZ Excellence Initiative:

  • Pragmatic approach, focusing on the esssential
  • Assessment of the processes, structures, resources and values, f strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Comparison with Best Demonstrated Practice.
  • Determination of the optimization potential.
  • Improvement of business processes along the value chain, clarification of Responsibility and Competence, Information, Communication and Teamwork.
  • Providing the necessary resources and tools for improvements
  • Rollout of the improvements, training of all affected employees.
  • Active role of top management is a prerequisite for success.
  • Introducing Key Performance Indicators for rapid detection of deviations and Non Conformance and for the implementation of a continuous improvement process, for corrective measures and the support and retraining of "low performers".
  • Ongoing risk assessment, assessment of conformity with IKS and compliance.
  • External cost of CGZ Excellence Initiatives have normally a payback period of clearly less than 1 year

CGZ Risk and Compliance Management

With increasing regulatory requirements, there is increasing demand for entrepreneurial Risk and Compliance Management. CGZ Risk and Compliance Management approach allows to evaluate risks in their probability and in their consequences to identify, prioritize, mitigate and control risks. Risks are monitored in a continuous controlling process.

Key features of CGZ RIM Risk and Compliance Management:

  • Create active awareness of the opportunities and risk potential of the company.
  • Ensure compliance with the obligations contractually agreed with customers and partners at optimum conditions
  • Assess the company's business processes with respect to risks associated with property, assets and liabilities
  • Respect political, regulatory, ethical and image risks
  • Achieve a quantifiable profit through centralized management and control of the company’s risk portfolio
  • Meet the demand for cost optimization and compliance in dealing with risks.
  • Clarify the risk situation and the "Risk Appetite" of the Company's Management and Board

CGZ Industrial Engineering

For more than 20 years our professional team of Engineers and Economists supports our industrial Clients with state of the art Industrial Engineering Solutions from Basic Engineering to overall Management of Implementation and Training:

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Materials Management, Materials Flow and Storage Technology
  • Evaluation of ERP Solutions
  • Factory Planning and -Building
  • Lean Production
  • Investment Planning
  • Cost and Risk Analysis, Return on Investment (DCF)

Key Features of CGZ Industrial Engineering Approach:

  • Improvement of Processes and Cost Structures in Production.
    Objective: Optimized Quality, Delivery Time and Cost
  • Optimized Materials Management, Materials Flow and Lean Production.
    Objective: Improvement of Competitiveness and Flexibility
  • Involvement of Management and Staff in all aspects of Assessment and Solution finding. Training of all Staff involved.
    Objective: Quality of Implementation and Results

Only by implementation of improvements full benefits for our customers is obtained. Ever since the foundation of CGZ in 1982, we have always given particular emphasis to the best possible support for the implementation of measures. We always support the empowerment of the management of our customers to implement. However, in many cases, gaps and shortages in staff are limiting the speed of implementation. In many cases it is mandatory to rapidly provide technology resources as well as financial resources, or local expertise on site in international Initiatives.

Implementation Coaching

CGZ offers project coaching and project management support by proven CGZ Senior Professionals. During implementation of strategic Initiatives as well as for operational Excellence Programs, CGZ Consultants and Professional Experts are available for support.

CGZ Skill Factory Approach allows our customers to access and retrieve the broad industry expertise of CGZ Profesionals with no delay On Demand during implementation phase.

Search for Executives and Board Members

Our team CGZ Executive offers full service for the search for Executives, Board Members and Specialists.

Interim Management.

CGZ OnTime ®, Experienced Managers on time and at in time. We support our clients on demand and during implementation phase of corporate initiatives with our team of proven Professionals and Senior Consulting Partners.

  • CEO, Corporate and Business Head or Deputies
  • Departmental and Divisional Head or Deputies
  • Program, Project- and Sub- Project leader

Succession Planning

During the years to come, many medium-sized business owners are faced with the great challenge of managing their succession. CGZ supports Entrepreneurs in preparing their succession, in the search of a Successor or Buyer and in MBI's and MBO's.

Corporate Finance

We avise and support our Customers in financing Corporate Development Initiatives, Mergers and Acquisitions as well as Succession Plans with our Corporate Finance Team.