Personal commitment

Each CGZ consultant is personally responsible and committed to contribute to the best possible solution for the customer problem.

Working in interdisciplinary teams

We are used to work in interdisciplinary teams closely with the Management of our clients. We always work with the necessary expert knowhow for the customer problem, with clear accountability and rigorous project organization to support market and customer-oriented improvements for demanding businesses.

Customer focus and permanent learning

By creating a culture of permanent learning and continuous improvement and by involving Management and Staff of our customers in the process of assessment and development of solutions we create best prerequisites for measures fit for immediate implementation as well as for sustainable mid and longterm initiatives.


Portrait of Christoph Schmid

Christoph Schmid

M.S. Eng. ETH, S.I.A., M.S. Economy
Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO
Management, Merger, Industry

Portrait of Jakob Züger

Jakob Züger

M.S. Eng. ETH
Member of the Board

Portrait of Carina Albin

Carina Albin

Managing Partner
Administration, Executive

Portrait of Carlo Hächler

Carlo Hächler

B.S. Eng. FH
Managing Partner
Interim Management, Succession Planning, Excellence

Portrait of Hans Keist

Hans Keist

Mechanical Engineer FH, Executive MBA Strathclyde University
Managing Partner
Development, Excellence

Portrait of Max Becker

Max Becker

Dr. oec. HSG
Division Managing Partner

Portrait of Jürg R. Kuster

Jürg R. Kuster

Member of the Advisory Board
Excellence, Utility, Health Care

Portrait of Thomas Dübendorfer

Thomas Dübendorfer

Dr. sc. ETH, M.S. Computer Science ETH, CISSP
Associate Partner
Information and Communication Technology, Privacy & Security

Portrait of Ernst Liniger

Ernst Liniger

Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker
Associate Partner
IT-Assessments, -Governance und -Security, Risk Management

Portrait of Ulrike Liebert

Ulrike Liebert

Associate Partner
Active and Assisted Living (AAL), Life Long Learning, Tourismus

Portrait of Margit Geiger

Margit Geiger

Prof. Dr. soz.
Associate Partner

Portrait of Fritz Löffel

Fritz Löffel

Swiss certified Expert in Finance and Accounting
Associate Partner
Cross Boarder M&A, Globalscope M&A Network

Portrait of Peter G. C. Lux

Peter G. C. Lux

Associate Partner
Efficiency in Brand-Management and -Development, Corporate Culture Development

Portrait of Jianhe Mao

Jianhe Mao

M.S. Eng. Ruhr University Bochum
Associate Partner
Development, Merger, China

Portrait of Martin Modde

Martin Modde

Associate Partner
Human Resources Management

Portrait of Victor Dario

Victor Dario

M.S. Economy
Associate Partner

Portrait of Robert W. Buff

Robert W. Buff

Associate Partner
Foundations, Healthcare